Friday, June 19, 2015

"Naked" Songs

Merriam-Webster provides a wide variety of definitions for the word "naked." The most common meaning is "not covered by clothing." However, "naked" can also mean "lacking embellishment," "unarmed [or] defenseless," "devoid of concealment or disguise," as well as "unaided by any optical device or instrument." These secondary definitions of "naked" abound in the lyrics of these songs. Indeed, despite its title, this post is about as "PG" as it gets. Sorry to disappoint some of you. And I'm glad I didn't let the rest of you down. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Luscious Jackson  ~  "Naked Eye"

2)  DEV ft. Enrique Iglesias  ~  "Naked"

3)  Iron and Wine  ~  "Naked As We Came"

4)  Tully On Tully  ~  "Naked"

5)  Leona Lewis  ~  "Naked"

6)  Goo Goo Dolls  ~  "Naked"

7)  Avril Lavigne  ~  "Naked"

8)  Taylor Dayne  ~  "Naked Without You"

9)  The Presidents Of The United States Of America  ~  "Naked And Famous"

10)  Chynna Phillips  ~  "Naked And Sacred"

11)  Loretta Lynn  ~  "Naked In The Rain"

12)  Van Morrison  ~  "Naked In The Jungle"

13)  Sera Cahoone  ~  "Naked"

14)  Leonie Meijer  ~  "Naked"

15)  James Bonamy  ~  "Naked To The Pain"

16)  Jenny May  ~  "Naked"

17)  E.M.P.  ~  "The Naked I"

18)  Melanie Lynx  ~  "Naked Heart"

19)  Jennifer Love Hewitt  ~  "BareNaked"


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  2. Love this list! Thanks for sharing!