Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Things These Artists Are Not (Vol. 1)

Here's a bunch of tunes about things that the singers/bands are NOT. Among these songs, you'll find artists that are not your heroes, not in love, not in the mood, not on drugs, and not sorry, just to name a few. There were so many of these "NOT" songs that I had to split the post into two parts. For those of you who care, I have included a smidgen of snarky commentary for each song. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Tegan and Sara  ~  "I'm Not Your Hero"  (Or your heroine either, for that matter.)

2)  Meiko  ~  "I'm Not Sorry"  (Unapologetic, however, she definitely is.)

3)  Sam Smith  ~  "I'm Not The Only One"  (Nope, there are definitely others, Sam.)

4)  Payton Rae  ~  "Not Your Cinderella"  (I wasn't confused. She doesn't look like Cinderella.)

5)  La Roux  ~  "I'm Not Your Toy"  (So don't treat her like one!)

6)  10cc  ~  "I'm Not In Love"  (Methinks he doth protest too much.)

7)  Stacie Orrico  ~  "I'm Not Missing You"  (That's what they all say…)

8)  Britney Spears  ~  "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"  (So…I'm confused. What else does that leave for her to be?)

9)  Brandon Heath  ~  "I'm Not Who I Was"  (That's all well and good, but how do I stop being who I am now?)

10)  Halestorm  ~  "I'm Not An Angel"  (Maybe not, but her voice soars like it's sprouted wings!)

11)  K's Choice  ~  "Not An Addict"  (Well, not anymore, at least…)

12)  Mark Lanegan  ~  "I'm Not The Loving Kind"  (He's not the smiling kind either, it would seem.)

13)  Jennifer Hudson  ~  "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"  (And I think she means it, too!)

14)  Shania Twain  ~  "I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No!)"  (Wait, isn't that a double negative? No?)

15)  Angus and Julia Stone  ~  "I'm Not Yours"  (This is heartbreakingly sad! Cats falling out of love. *sigh*)

16)  Tove Lo  ~  "Not On Drugs"  (Apparently, drugs and love display similar symptoms...)

17)  Gloria Estefan  ~  "I'm Not Giving You Up"  (Good for you, Gloria. Get that man back!)

18)  Lil Wayne  ~  "I Am Not A Human Being"  (There are so many mute-bleeps on this song that it's impossible to discern what he's rapping about. Something tells me it wouldn't make much sense unedited, either.)

19)  Natalie Merchant  ~  "I'm Not Gonna Beg You"  (And you shouldn't have to, Natalie!)

20)  Idina Menzel  ~  "I'm Not That Girl"  (Nope, she's definitely some other girl.)

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