Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dazzling Duets By Dynamic Duos: 2000 To The Present

Here's part 1 of what will be a 4-part series featuring...well, exactly what the title says...Dazzling Duets by Dynamic Duos. There were so many good ones to choose from that I decided to break the posts up by time periods. These songs are from the past 15 years. The 2nd post will be all 1990s songs, the third will be '80s songs, and the final post will be songs released before 1980. Why did I decide to do the posts from newest to oldest? Because, frankly, as good as these songs are, the duets just get better and better the longer ago they were. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  P!nk & Nate Ruess  ~  "Just Give Me A Reason"  (This is one of my personal favorites among these. The lyrics, their voices, it's just perfect!)

2)  Gotye & Kimbra  ~  "Somebody That I Used To Know"  (Another "instant classic" here. The first time I heard this song, I found myself yelling at the radio: "Who is THAT? I have to KNOW!")

3)  Rihanna & Mikky Ekko  ~  "Stay"  (Powerful song!)

4)  Needtobreathe & Gavin DeGraw  ~  "Brother"  (I've heard this song on the radio a bunch of times, but I honestly didn't know it was a duet – or that there was a duet version of it – until a Facebook friend suggested it for this series. Love it!)

5)  Céline Dion & Ne-Yo  ~  "Incredible"  (Here's one I hadn't heard before researching for this post. Two very different artists with...well...incredible voices, plus there's a giraffe in the video? Count me in!)

6)  A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera  ~  "Say Something"  (There are no words for how I feel when I listen to this song. Well, here's one word: Breathtaking!)

7)  He Is We & Owl City  ~  "All About Us"  (When I first came up with the concept for this series, it was supposed to be duets between two different solo artists...in theory. But I've already broken that rule with the Needtobreathe and A Great Big World songs above, and there are a few other songs that "break the rules" which absolutely belong here, so I'm letting go of this arbitrary rule from here on out.)

8)  Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga  ~  "The Lady Is A Tramp"  (You'd think a lady who goes by "Lady" would be reticent to sing a song by this title. But when the lady is "Gaga" all bets are off!)

9)  Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown  ~  "No Air"  (I know, I know, we're all supposed to hate Chris Brown because he beats women up. I'm not condoning his behavior by including this song here; I'm including it because it's good. Simple as that!)

10)  Jay-Z & Alicia Keys  ~  "Empire State Of Mind"  (I wasn't sure when adding this if vocal/rap combos counted as duets or not. Then I decided since this one is composed of almost equal parts of each that this song certainly does count.)

11)  Shakira & Rihanna  ~  "Can't Remember To Forget You"  (Both of these singers appear elsewhere in this post. When the songs are good, repeating artists is absolutely okay.)

12)  Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood  ~  "Remind Me"  (Whomever suggested this song for inclusion in this series [was it you, Penny?], thank you. I had only heard it once before and had forgot it existed. It's a good one!)

13)  Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran  ~  "Everything Has Changed"  (I adore this song. And I'm a big fan of both of its singers.)

14)  Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow  ~  "Picture"  (An odd pairing of quite-different artists resulted in a modern classic. Somebody knew what they were doing.)

15)  Beyoncé & Shakira  ~  "Beautiful Liar"  (These two highly accomplished pop singers complement each other nicely as a duo.)

16)  Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat  ~  "Lucky"  (I love both of these artists individually, but especially so on this song that pairs their wonderful voices together.)

17)  Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor  ~  "Come What May"  (I've loved this song ever since I first saw Moulin Rouge, the musical from which it derives. So much so that it was sung as part of our wedding ceremony.)

18)  John Mayer & Katy Perry  ~  "Who You Love"  (These two love who they love for a little while [and sometimes each other[, then they love somebody else. Serially. But it's a good song.)

19)  Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss  ~  "Whiskey Lullaby"  (Thank you for suggesting this one, Amy. It's a gem!)

20)  Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová  ~  "Falling Slowly"  (Haven't seen the movie, but I bet I'd like it. Because I just LOVE this song. Thanks, Jenny, for the suggestion!)

21)  Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse  ~  "Body And Soul"  (Let's face it: Tony Bennett would sound good with anybody. But pair him with one of the best neo-soul singers in the past 15 years and you have a song for the ages. This one.)

22)  Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert  ~  "We Were Us"  (We've had a Nicole Kidman sighting – two in one post, actually – so why not have her hubby, Keith Urban, make an appearance as well? Nice tune, too.)

23)  Nelly & Tim McGraw  ~  "Over And Over"  (Talk about your oddball duets. But it's actually not bad. Just unexpected is all.)

24)  Robert Plant & Alison Krauss  ~  "Please Read The Letter"  (Every song I've heard from these two together has been excellent. This song is just one of the more memorable ones.)

25)  Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman  ~  "Somethin' Stupid"  (Here's the other Nicole Kidman sighting. And a cute song it is, too. It's actually a cover song of one Frank Sinatra did with his daughter, Nancy, in the '60s.)

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