Thursday, October 29, 2015

“Hero”-ic Songs

I'd like to tell you that this post originated because I was feeling particularly heroic at the time, or because I or someone I know recently did something heroic. But that would be lying. There were simply a number of good songs about heroes that I wanted to post, and so I did. And that was as good a reason as any. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Enrique Iglesias  ~  “Hero”

2)  Alesso ft. Tove Lo  ~  “Heroes (We Could Be)”

3)  The Script  ~  “Superheroes”

4)  Mariah Carey  ~  “Hero”

5)  Family Of The Year  ~  “Hero”

6)  Tina Turner  ~  “We Don’t Need Another Hero”

7)  The Wallflowers  ~  “Heroes”  (I know this is a cover of an older song, but I much prefer this version to David Bowie's original. Sorry, music purists!)

8)  Bonnie Tyler  ~  “Holding Out For A Hero”

9)  Foo Fighters  ~  “My Hero”

10)  M People  ~  “Search For The Hero”

11)  Randy Travis  ~  “Heroes And Friends”

12)  Nas ft. Keri Hilson  ~  “Hero”  (Who else do you know who could transition so smoothly from a Randy Travis song to one by Nas? Yep, I didn't think so.)

13)  AWOLNATION  ~  “Kill Your Heroes”

14)  Oh Land  ~  “Half Hero”

15)  Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators  ~  “No More Heroes”

16)  The Asteroids Galaxy Tour  ~  “Hero”

17)  Metallica  ~  “Hero Of The Day”

18)  Tegan and Sara  ~  “I’m Not Your Hero”

19)  Green Day  ~  “Working Class Hero”

20)  Aqua  ~  “Cartoon Heroes”

21)  Foreigner  ~  “Juke Box Hero”

22)  Skillet  ~  “Hero”

23)  KISS  ~  “A World Without Heroes”

24)  Trip Lee ft. Jai  ~  “The Invasion (Hero)”

25)  Bruce Springsteen  ~  “Local Hero”

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