Friday, October 16, 2015

Songs About Belts

Seriously, Belts? Didn’t I tell you there was no chance whatsoever that you’d get your own songs post? But did you listen? Umm…NO! However, since you’ve already gathered here, I guess we might as well go with it. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Slaid Cleaves  ~  “Rust Belt Fields”

2)  The Films  ~  “Belt Loops”

3)  Same Old Story  ~  “Study Your Bible Belt”

4)  Leroy Justice  ~  “Belt Buckle”

5)  Godsticks  ~  “Below The Belt”

6)  Battle House  ~  “You Must Belt It”

7)  Family Unit  ~  “Black Belt Jonny”

8)  John Graney  ~  “Belt Loop Prize”

9)  Council  ~  “Rust To Gold”

10)  Tegan and Sara  ~  “Red Belt”

11)  Dry The River  ~  “Bible Belt”

12)  John Grant  ~  “Black Belt”

13)  August Burns Red  ~  “A Shot Below The Belt”  (I have no idea what words this guy is "singing," but I can say that it's really loud.)

14)  The Belle Brigade  ~  “Belt Of Orion”

15)  Grace Jones  ~  “Below The Belt”

16)  Joey & Rory  ~  “The Bible And The Belt”

17)  Johnny Cash  ~  “Ridin’ On The Cotton Belt”

18)  Uncle Tupelo  ~  “Factory Belt”

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