Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Natural" & "Unnatural" Songs

Let's take a break from the ever-popular (by # of clicks at least) but seemingly endless series of "Popular Songs Of..." posts, and return to the somewhat-popular (but not as much so) world of "Opposites" posts. I had several good "Natural" songs I wanted to explore, but the songs for its (natural) opposite – "Unnatural" – were somewhat limited. So this is technically a two-part "Opposites" post. This time, "Natural" and "Unnatural" songs. Next time, "Natural" and "Artificial" songs (think ingredients). Ready or not, here they are...enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Merle Haggard  ~  “Natural High”

2)  GODS  ~  “Unnatural”

3)  Rush  ~  “Natural Science”

4)  Muse  ~  “Unnatural Selection”

5)  EPICA  ~  “Natural Corruption”

6)  Fearless Vampire Killers  ~  “Our Nature’s Unnatural”

7)  Jasmine Villegas  ~  “Natural”

8)  The Sun Explodes  ~  “The Unnatural”

9)  Live  ~  “Natural Born Killers”

10)  EZ Basic  ~  “Unnatural”

11)  Crowded House  ~  “It’s Only Natural”

12)  Bubbles Erotica  ~  “Super Unnatural”  (Don’t let the band’s questionable name scare you off – this song’s not half bad!)

13)  Lou Rawls  ~  “A Natural Man”

14)  Voter Kernel  ~  “Unnatural Gathering Of Animals”

15)  Aretha Franklin  ~  “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”

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