Thursday, March 17, 2016

“Find” & “Lose” Songs, Vol. 1

Okay, so I had the brilliant idea to post some "Find" and "Lose" songs, but I found way more "Find" songs than I could reasonably use. So this will be a 2-parter. But wait! Even after 2 parts, there were more "Find" songs left over. So I had to do a "Find" and "Replace" post. But wait...still more "Find" songs! So I had to do a "Seek" and "Find" post. So settle in, 'cuz – as you will "Find" – this is only the beginning. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Lou Rawls  ~  “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”

2)  Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend  ~  “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

3)  William Fitzsimmons  ~  “Find It In Me”

4)  Linda Ronstadt  ~  “Lose Again”

5)  The National  ~  “Hard To Find”

6)  Rebecca Ferguson  ~  “Too Good To Lose”

7)  Alter Bridge  ~  “Find The Real”

8)  Madonna & Mandy Patinkin  ~  “What Can You Lose?”

9)  Lifehouse  ~  “Am I Ever Going To Find Out?”

10)  Laura Story  ~  “One Life To Lose”

11)  Jess Glynne  ~  “You Can Find Me”

12)  Steve Earle  ~  “I Don’t Want To Lose You Yet”

13)  Enya  ~  “So I Could Find My Way”

14)  Courteneers  ~  “Lose Control”

15)  Amy Lee  ~  “Find A Way”

16)  The Muppet Jug Band  ~  “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor?”

17)  Imogen Heap  ~  “You Know Where To Find Me”

18)  Journey  ~  “Where Did I Lose Your Love?”

19)  Kari Jobe  ~  “Find You On My Knees”

20)  KISS  ~  “Nothin’ To Lose”

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