Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Least" Songs

Yesterday, I gave you the "Most" songs. So it's only fair that the songs I give you today should be the "Least" ones. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Indigo Girls  ~  “Least Complicated”

2)  David Wax Museum  ~  “The Least I Can Do”

3)  Emiliana Torrini  ~  “At Least It Was”

4)  Jonas Peker  ~  “The Least I Can Do”

5)  The Posies  ~  “At Least For Now”

6)  The Insomniacs  ~  “At Least I’m Not With You”

7)  Saint Motel  ~  “At Least I Have Nothing”

8)  Kristi Hoopes  ~  “At Least It’s Something”

9)  Lera Lynn  ~  “My Least Favorite Life”

10)  Pollution  ~  “At Least It’s Not A Lovesong”

11)  Wilco  ~  “At Least That’s What You Said”

12)  Camille Parkman  ~  “The Least Of These”

13)  Tower Of Power  ~  “(To Say The Least) You’re The Most”

14)  Katie Buchanan  ~  “At Least I”

15)  Daytona Lights  ~  “At Least I Know I Tried”

16)  Gold Motel  ~  “At Least We Tried”

17)  fun.  ~  “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)”

18)  Christy Moore  ~  “The Least We Can Do”

19)  Frank Sinatra  ~  “Everybody Has The Right To Be Wrong (At Least Once)”

20)  Rachel Scott  ~  “The Least Of These”

BONUS TRACK:  Audio Adrenaline  ~  “Kings & Queens”  (And then there’s this song, which I really like, but always think of as being titled “The Least Of These” instead of its actual title. Whatever. I’m in charge here, so I say it stays.)

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