Friday, March 25, 2016

Winter Jam Songs

My wife and I will be heading out this afternoon to see and hear some great Christian music performed at the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. Here's a sample song of each artist we will be seeing tonight. Winter Jam is a non-ticketed event – you just show up, stand in line, and pay your $10 at the door, and you get to see 10 different artists, plus a speaker. Can't beat that! Enjoy these tunes, and maybe you'll want to hit the road and come out as well!  ~  JH

1)  We Are Messengers  ~  “Everything Comes Alive”

2)  Stars Go Dim  ~  “You Are Loved”

3)  Trip Lee ft. Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith  ~  “Sweet Victory”

4)  KB ft. Lecrae  ~  “Sideways”

5)  Sidewalk Prophets  ~  “Save My Life”

6)  NewSong  ~  “One True God”

7)  Red  ~  “Darkest Part”

8)  Lauren Daigle  ~  “Trust In You”

9)  Matthew West  ~  “Grace Wins”

10)  for KING & COUNTRY  ~  “Fix My Eyes”

BONUS:  Guest Speaker Tony Nolan  ~  "Overcoming Struggles"  

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