Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Broken" Songs

Seeing as I recently broke my ankle and am currently hobbling around everywhere I go, it only makes sense that I should incorporate that fact into my music blog at some point. Since I've done a "Heartbreak Songs" post in the past, and have included my fair share of other songs with "Broken" in their titles in various posts, I challenged myself to find "Broken" songs that didn't have much to do with hearts and ones that I'd never posted previously. And by jove, I do believe I was successful. Enjoy!  ~  "Hopalong"

1)  Bonnie Raitt  ~  “I Will Not Be Broken”

2)  Metallica  ~  “Broken, Beat, & Scarred”

3)  Norah Jones  ~  “Broken”

4)  Casting Crowns  ~  “Broken Together”

5)  Tift Merritt  ~  “Broken”

6)  Charlie Worsham  ~  “You Can’t Break What’s Broken”

7)  Katy Perry & The Matrix  ~  “Broken”

8)  Janine and the Mixtape  ~  “When I’m Broken”

9)  George Ezra  ~  “Broken”

10)  The Veronicas  ~  “Heavily Broken”

11)  Tears For Fears  ~  “Broken”

12)  Coheed and Cambria  ~  “The Broken”

13)  Marina Lin  ~  “Broken”

14)  Depeche Mode  ~  “Broken”

15)  Ours  ~  “Broken”

16)  Elisa  ~  “Broken”

17)  Sevendust  ~  “Broken Down”

18)  Bon Jovi  ~  “Everybody’s Broken”

19)  Paramore  ~  “We Are Broken”

20)  Blue October  ~  “Not Broken Anymore”

21)  Keane  ~  “Won’t Be Broken”

22)  Twin Forks  ~  “Can’t Be Broken / Something We Just Know”

23)   Daley  ~  “Broken”

24)  Everlast  ~  “Broken”

25)  Måns Zelmerlöw  ~  “Broken Parts”

BONUS TRACK:  Madilyn Bailey ft. Jake Coco  ~  “Broken”  (Great cover of a song by Seether ft. Amy Lee which I have featured on the blog a couple of times previously. But never this version.)

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