Thursday, April 14, 2016

More Songs About "Everyone"

If you really thought I could get all the "Everyone" and "No One" songs I wanted to include into two posts, then you probably haven't been following my blog for very long. Because I tend to get carried away. But don't worry – this one and the next "No One" post are "all she wrote," so to speak. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  David Bowie  ~  “Everyone Says ‘Hi’”

2)  Survivor  ~  “I See You In Everyone”

3)  Planetshakers  ~  “Everyone”

4)  Damien Jurado  ~  “Everyone A Star”

5)  PJ Harvey  ~  “All And Everyone”

6)  Nickelback  ~  “If Everyone Cared”

7)  Queen  ~  “Heaven For Everyone”

8)  Zeppo Marx  ~  “Everyone Says I Love You”

9)  John Fogerty  ~  “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

10)  Jessica Mauboy, Steve Appleton, Jody Williams, Tabitha Nauser, & Sean Kingston  ~  “Everyone”

11)  The Beach Boys  ~  “Everyone’s In Love With You”

12)  Nat King Cole  ~  “Where Did Everyone Go?”

13)  The National  ~  “Afraid Of Everyone”

14)  Biffy Clyro  ~  “Now I’m Everyone”

15)  The Right Now  ~  “I’ll Get Down” / “Tell Everyone The Truth”

16)  Shankar  ~  “Song For Everyone”

17)  Hot Chocolate  ~  “Everyone’s A Winner”

18)  Dar Williams  ~  “You Are Everyone”

19)  The Flaming Lips  ~  “Everyone Wants To Live Forever”

20)  Everything But The Girl  ~  “Each And Everyone”

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