Tuesday, April 19, 2016

“Not Enough” Songs

Did you find the "Too Many" songs yesterday to be simply "Too Much"? If so, that's fine. But maybe...just maybe...you found them to be "Not Enough." In which case, you are in luck. Because today's songs are – coincidentally enough – also "Not Enough." Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Van Halen  ~  “Not Enough”

2)  Delain  ~  “Not Enough”

3)  Our Lady Peace  ~  “Not Enough”

4)  Carousel  ~  “Not Enough”

5)  Manic Street Preachers ft. Nina Persson  ~  “Your Love Alone Is Not Enough”

6)  Owen  ~  “Love Is Not Enough”

7)  The Bellamy Brothers  ~  “Too Much Is Not Enough”

8)  J Mascis  ~  “Not Enough”

9)  Starship  ~  “It’s Not Enough”

10)  Neverstore  ~  “So Much Of Not Enough”

11)  Emmylou Harris  ~  “Not Enough”

12)  Boyce Avenue  ~  “Not Enough”

13)  Garbage  ~  “The World Is Not Enough”

14)  Bill Thornton, Showgrey, Karlos Farrar, & Ay-Rock  ~  “Not Enough”

15)  Snow Patrol  ~  “One Night Is Not Enough”

16)  Ride The Clouds  ~  “Not Enough Colors”

17)  Lacuna Coil  ~  “Not Enough”

18)  Stacy Clark  ~  “Not Enough”

19)  3 Doors Down  ~  “Not Enough”

20)  Graveyard  ~  “Too Much Is Not Enough”

21)  Dustin Kensrue  ~  “It’s Not Enough”

22)  Northern Lights*  ~  “Tears Are Not Enough”

23)  Western Haunts  ~  “It’s Not Enough”

24)  Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston  ~  “Love Is Not Enough”

25)  Soren Bryce  ~  “Forever’s Not Enough”

* Northern Lights was a huge conglomeration of Canadian artists who recorded this song for charity, á la “We Are The World” in the United States. Artists featured here include: Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Dan Hill, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Corey Hart, Bruce Cockburn, Geddy Lee, Mike Reno, Tom Cochrane, and Paul Shaffer, among many others.

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