Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Songs About Balloons

I was overdue for a music post featuring songs about extremely mundane things. Today, I decided to tackle the tune-friendly subject of Balloons. Turns out there were quite a few good ones to choose from. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Lily Allen  ~  “Air Balloon”  (Quirky, fun, and never boring. I love Lily Allen's music!)

2)  Never Shout Never  ~  “Red Balloon”

3)  Charli XCX  ~  “Red Balloon”  (We just watched this movie over the weekend. It was super-cute!)

4)  Foals  ~  “Balloons”  (Artsy fartsy stuff up in here...)

5)  The Kills  ~  “Black Balloon”

6)  The National Parks  ~  “Red Balloon”

7)  Rosi Golan  ~  “Lead Balloon”

8)  Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals  ~  “Pink Balloon”

9)  The Civil Wars  ~  “Girl With The Red Balloon”

10)  Jimmy Nevis ft. Kwesta  ~  “Balloon”

11)  Joanna Newsom  ~  “Bridges And Balloons”  (Simply lovely!)

12)  Sick Puppies  ~  “White Balloons”

13)  Nena  ~  “99 Red Balloons”  (Hands down, the quintessential song about balloons.)

14)  Ween  ~  “Blue Balloon”

15)  Katie Melua  ~  “Red Balloons”  (Katie's another one of my favorite singers.)

16)  Midlake  ~  “Balloon Maker”

17)  Ane Brun  ~  “Balloon Ranger”

18)  Boards Of Canada  ~  “Everything You Do Is A Balloon”  (Well, that's certainly an intriguing song title...)

19)  Kristina Cornell  ~  “Little Red Balloon”  (Keep your Kleenexes nearby.)

20)  Goo Goo Dolls  ~  “Black Balloon”  (Probably the 2nd most well-known song about balloons.)

21)  Maja Keuc  ~  “You’re A Tree And I’m A Balloon”  (I'm still trying to make sense of these metaphors...)

22)  The Fifth Dimension  ~  “Up, Up, And Away”  (Hey, I never said the word "Balloon" had to be in the title. But this song might as well be called "My Beautiful Balloon," so there ya go...)

23)   Not Profane ft. Tiffany Alvord  ~  “Our Balloons”

24)  Rick Nelson  ~  “Red Balloon”

25)  Coshiva  ~  “Big Balloon”

BONUS TRACK:  Owl City  ~  “99 Red Balloons / Chicago / Plant Life”  (Yes, the "99 Balloons" song here is the same as the original by Nena [above], but this medley was so beautiful I chose to include both.)

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