Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Songs About Sneezing

What if I told you I could fill an entire post with songs devoted to the fine art of sneezing? Some about the actual act of sneezing, and some simply with the word "Sneezing" (or one of its forms) in the title? And what if I told you that these songs not only existed, but were all – surprisingly – enjoyable? Would you believe me? Find out for yourself!  ~  JH

1)  Tori Amos  ~  “Caught A Lite Sneeze”

2)  Ben Lee  ~  “Trying To Sneeze”

3)  Crash Test Dummies  ~  “Aching To Sneeze”

4)  Tonéx  ~  “Sneeze”

5)  VeggieTales  ~  “Sneeze If You Need To”

6)  argonaut&wasp  ~  “The Sneeze”

7)   Todd Congelliere  ~  “Sneeze”

8)  Stu Gardner / NGFOOT  ~  “Sneeze”

9)  Stone City Band  ~  “South American Sneeze”

10)  Ou  ~  “Destiny Sneezed”

11)  Emmett Elvin  ~  “Jupiter Sneezed”

12)  Rolf Fabian  ~  “Atishoo! Sneezed Hank W”

13)  Frank Wakefield  ~  “The Old Cat Sneezed”

14)  Dump Chip  ~  “Sneezing”

15)  Laura More  ~  “Sneezing”

16)  Focus  ~  “Sneezing Bull”

17)  Myo Awig  ~  “Sneezing Young”

18)  Mixxbowl  ~  “Sneezing Pigs”

19)  Meredith Willson And His Orchestra  ~  “Sneezing Violins”

20)  David Rivera  ~  “Flowers Sneezing”

21)  Screamin’ Jay Hawkins  ~  “Shut Your Mouth When You Sneeze”

22)  Sesame Street  ~  “The Sneeze Song”

23)  Chris Ronald  ~  “The Sneeze”

24)  Ciorras  ~  “The Expensive Sneeze”

25)  Cocteau Twins  ~  “Five Ten Fiftyfold”  (No, it doesn’t have any form of the word “Sneeze” in its title, but as much as the phrase is repeated throughout the song its title might as well be “Wheezing And Sneezing.”)

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