Thursday, September 8, 2016

“Country” Songs, Vol. 1: Non-Country Songs

This is part 3 of a 4-part series featuring songs with the words "City" and "Country" in their titles. In researching for this series, I found a disproportionately high number of country songs with "Country" in their titles. I also found quite a few non-country "Country" songs. These are those. The last post in this series, which you'll see tomorrow, consists solely of country-music songs with the word "Country" in their titles. For those of you who enjoy that style of music, I think you'll find much to be pleased with. For those of you who don't particularly enjoy country, today's post is for you. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  The Wallflowers  ~  “Love Is A Country”

2)  James Taylor  ~  “Country Road”

3)  Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis  ~  “A Day In The Country”

4)  Ani DiFranco  ~  “God’s Country”

5)  Eddie Vedder  ~  “Girl From The North Country”

6)  Cracker  ~  “California Country Boy”

7)   Elton John  ~  “Country Comfort”

8)  Laura Nyro  ~  “Save The Country”

9)  Rory Gallagher  ~  “Country Mile”

10)  Cliff Richard & The Shadows  ~  “In The Country”

11)  Seether  ~  “Country Song”

12)  Bow Wow Wow  ~  “Go Wild In The Country”

13)  Canned Heat  ~  “Going Up The Country”

14)  Robert Plant  ~  “Black Country Woman”

15)  Elvis Costello  ~  “Country Darkness”

16)  Kelly Clarkson  ~  “My Country, ’Tis Of Thee”

17)  Bob Dylan  ~  “North Country Blues”

18)  Big Country  ~  “In A Big Country”

19)  Violent Femmes  ~  “Country Death Song”

20)  Cassandra Wilson  ~  “Another Country”

21)  Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros  ~  “Country Calling”

22)  Blur  ~  “Country House”

23)  Camera Obscura  ~  “Let’s Get Out Of This Country”

24)  U2  ~  “In God’s Country”

25)  Norah Jones  ~  “My Dear Country”

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