Friday, November 18, 2016

“Moist” Songs

Ah, “Moist”! The word that makes so many people, myself included, cringe upon hearing it or when forced to say it aloud. Not surprisingly, there aren’t that many songs — at least non-sketchy ones — with the word “Moist” in their titles. But I did find a few that are worth listening to. For those of you who enjoy commentary, I included some here for each song — not snarky repartee, per se, more like my internal thought processes when choosing songs for a post. Which you might find interesting. I dunno. Anyway…enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Bruxing  ~  “Moist Ointment”  (Fairly generic rock instrumental, a bit repetitive, but consistently interesting.)

2)  Divisor  ~  “Moist Upper Lip”  (Dark industrial electronica. Instrumental, lots of nice weird stuff going on.)

3)  Jan Van Gold  ~  “Moist Mother”  (Folkish pop-rock with lovely vocals, albeit fairly unintelligible lyrics.)

4)  Cult Maze  ~  “S. Moist”  (Eminently listenable indie-rock tune, with grungy vox and jangly guitars.)

5)  Illogical SRL  ~  “Moist”  (This is odd. Opera-like vocals with hip-hop/funk-style beats. Pretty chill, but profoundly weird.)

6)  Boon  ~  “Moist”  (Rollicking rhythm, strong bluesy female vox — this is really nice!)

7)  The Arctic Zone  ~  “Soft, Moist”  (Pleasant, if rather benign, rock instrumental. Quite short, too.)

8)  Dust  ~  “Moist Tree”  (Nice modern rock/nu metal tune with solid instrumentation and rock vox.)

9)  First Swede…  ~  “Magical Moist”  (New Age-y instrumental song with lots of wonderful strings. Simply lovely.)

10)  The Reekers  ~  “Son, It’s Moist”  (Exceptionally nice soft-rock instrumental with a beach-music feel to it. Good stuff!)

11)  The Shed  ~  “All Moist A Bad Party”  (This has a kind of Grateful Dead-Simon & Garfunkel hybrid feel to it. Every bit as strange and wonderful as you’d expect it to be.)

12)  Destroyed By Voices  ~  “A Moist Moment”  (What a great little instrumental. I enjoyed all 38 seconds of it.)

13)  Christopher Clarke  ~  “Moist Sugar”  (This somber yet soothing instrumental sounds very much like it belongs on the soundtrack of a movie. Which is exactly where it came from. So there ya go!)

14)  Samuel F. Scott & The B.O.P.  ~  “Moist People”  (I hear this, I feel like I should be sitting on the beach soaking up sunshine and nothing else. Perfectly chill summer song!)

15)  Noxious Foxes  ~  “Moist Definitely”  (That sounds really hard to play. Not for them, apparently. Excellent, hard-rocking jam.)

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