Friday, February 3, 2017

Popular Songs Of 1987, Vol. 4

Alas, with this post we've come to the end of our '80s flashback series. At least until next year. But don't you worry. This throwback tour is far from over! We'll take a few days off, then we'll explore the Popular Songs of 1977. Yay, disco? Yeah, I know. Me, neither. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Lionel Richie  ~  “Ballerina Girl”

2)  Ricky Van Shelton  ~  “Somebody Lied”

3)  Madonna  ~  “La Isla Bonita”

4)  Crowded House  ~  “Something So Strong”

5)  Duran Duran  ~  “Notorious”

6)  Michael Jackson ft. Sheryl Crow  ~  “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”  (Yes, THAT Sheryl Crow! I had no clue she used to tour with him years before she hit the big time on her own!)

7)  Ronnie Milsap  ~  “Where Do The Nights Go”

8)  Genesis  ~  “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”

9)  Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush  ~  “Don’t Give Up”

10)  Bruce Springsteen  ~  “Brilliant Disguise”

11)  The Cure  ~  “Just Like Heaven”

12)  Reba McEntire  ~  “One Promise Too Late”

13)  New Order  ~  “True Faith”

14)  Europe  ~  “Carrie”

15)  The Forester Sisters  ~  “You Again”

16)  U2  ~  “Where The Streets Have No Name”

17)  Smokey Robinson  ~  “Just To See Her”

18)  Cutting Crew  ~  “(I Just) Died In Your Arms”

19)  Highway 101  ~  “Whiskey, If You Were A Woman”

20)  Chicago  ~  “Will You Still Love Me”

21)  The Whispers  ~  “Rock Steady”

22)  Huey Lewis And The News  ~  “Doing It All For My Baby”  (This song is really good, but the video is horribly cheesy! I apologize for giving you an opportunity to watch it.)

23)  Fleetwood Mac  ~  “Big Love”

24)  Randy Travis  ~  “Too Gone Too Long”

25)  Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram  ~  “Somewhere Out There”

BONUS TRACK:  Rick Astley  ~  "Never Gonna Give You Up"  (Yep, you've officially been Rick-Rolled. With good reason, though. This was also a big hit in 1987. Go figure!)

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