Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Superb Songs By Muslim Musicians

The following songs have been "extreme vetted" for quality and have been cleared to post in this blog. Fair warning: Any preconceived notions you may have or existing stereotypes you might espouse may be dramatically challenged. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Narcy ft. Shadia Mansour  ~  "Hamdulillah"

2)  Brother Ali  ~  "Us"  (This guy doesn't exactly have the same skin tone as most of the folks in this post, for two reasons. First, he's an there's that. Second, he's an American who converted to Islam as an adult.)

3)  Yuna  ~  "Lanes"  (This sweet songbird hails from the island nation of Malaysia.)

4)  A Tribe Called Quest  ~  "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo"  (Two of this group's four members are practicing Muslims, so technically they qualify.)

5)  The Kominas  ~  "See Something Say Something"

6)  Alsarah & The Nubatones  ~  "Habibi Taal"

7)  Lupe Fiasco  ~  "Kick Push"

8)  Omar Offendum  ~  "Straight Street"

9)  K'naan  ~  "Take A Minute"

10)  Maher Zain  ~  "Number One For Me"

11)  Sami Yusuf  ~  "Forgotten Promises"

12)  A.R. Rahman  ~  "Infinite Love"

13)  Yusuf Islam  ~  "Peace Train"  (In case you didn't recognize him [and who could blame you?], Islam is the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.)

14)  Hamza Robertson  ~  "From The Soul"

15)  Krewella   ~  "Alive"  (The two girls [sisters] in this group are Muslim. Though, judging by the video, I'd wager a guess that they don't adhere to all the tenets of their faith "religiously.")

16)  Maitre Gims  ~  "Bella"  (Wish I spoke French. Then I might understand a word of this. Still a good-sounding song and a cool vid, though.)

17)  Kareem Salama & The Witwits  ~  "Love Will Live On"

18)  Assala  ~  "Aisha Ala Ely Fat"  (This is a pretty song, too. I don't understand any of the lyrics whatsoever. But it sounds wonderful!)

19)  Native Deen  ~  "Not Afraid To Stand Alone"

20)  Saif Adam  ~  "Believe"

21)  Harris J  ~  "Salam Alaikum"  (Ladies and gentlemen, the Muslim version of Justin Bieber. You're welcome. And I'm sorry. In case you're wondering, the song's title means "Peace Be Unto You.")

22)  Humood  ~  "Kun Anta"  (How could anyone have a problem with the positive, empowering message of this song?)

23)  Raef  ~  "You Are The One"

24)  ZAYN ft. Taylor Swift  ~  "I Don't Wanna Live Forever"  (I'll bet you didn't expect to see Taylor Swift in this post! She is not, however, the Muslim in this song. That would be Zayn Malik, former member of the British boy band One Direction.)

25)  Zain Bhikha  ~  "Someday"  (Last but not least, this song...because peace among all mankind is a very good thing.)

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