Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Songs About" Songs

Here's a bunch of "Songs About" Songs. Which tells you, basically, nothing. Okay, let's try again. Here's a bunch of songs that, by their titles, claim to be "Songs About" (or a "Song About") something. Within, you'll find "Songs About" love, your girlfriend, space, dying, an angel, a priest, trucks, your car, rain, and another song about rain, just to name a few. Enjoy? ~  JH

1)  Trace Adkins  ~  “Songs About Me”

2)  Jake Bugg  ~  “A Song About Love”

3)  Los Campesinos!  ~  “Songs About Your Girlfriend”

4)  Alana Henderson  ~  “Song About A Song”

5)  Bruce Cockburn  ~  “Joy Will Find A Way (A Song About Dying)”

6)  Reese Lansangan  ~  “A Song About Space”

7)  Gary Allan  ~  “Songs About Rain”

8)  Cracker  ~  “Another Song About The Rain”

9)  Sunny Day Real Estate  ~  “Song About An Angel”

10)  Bastian Baker  ~  “Song About A Priest”

11)  Wade Bowen  ~  “Songs About Trucks”

12)  Frank Hamilton & Danica Hunter  ~  “Song About A Weekend”

13)  Mike Doughty  ~  “I Wrote A Song About Your Car”

14)  Glen Campbell ft. Brenda Lee, Seals & Crofts, & Lonnie Shorr  ~  “Let’s All Sing A Song About It”

15)  Olly Murs  ~  “This Song Is About You”

16)  Wheatus  ~  “I’d Never Write A Song About You”

17)  Eric Paslay  ~  “Song About A Girl”

18)  Deer Tick  ~  “Song About A Man”

19)  Lee DeWyze  ~  “A Song About Love”

20)  MNEK  ~  “Wrote A Song About You”

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