Friday, June 9, 2017

"Lo" & "Behold" Songs

And the strangely cohesive ideas just keep on comin'! Here's a set of songs featuring – you guessed it! – the words "Lo" and/or "Behold" in their titles. Odd though it may seem, this is a surprisingly solid set of songs. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  James Taylor  ~  “Lo And Behold”

2)  Hillsong Worship  ~  “Behold (Then Sings My Soul)”

3)  Demi Lovato  ~  “Lo Que Soy”  (This is the first of several songs in this collection that are entirely in Spanish. “Lo” is a fairly common word in Spanish, so it makes its way into songs a lot. This title translates roughly: “What I Am.”)

4)  The Mikado Cast  ~  “Behold The Lord High Executioner!”

5)  Lisa Hannigan  ~  “Lo”

6)  Brandon Heath  ~  “Behold Our God”

7)  Stereolab  ~  “Lo Boob Oscillator”  (This song, which is entirely in French, has absolutely nothing to do with the middle word in its title. I know this, not because I know a word of French, but because I used Google Translate.)

8)  David Phelps  ~  “Behold The Lamb”

9)  Shakira  ~  “Lo Hecho Está Hecho”  (Title translation: “What’s Done Is Done.”)

10)  The Horrible Crowes  ~  “Behold The Hurricane”

11)  Santana  ~  “Jin-Go-Lo-Ba”

12)  Sandi Patty  ~  “We Shall Behold Him”

13)  Doug Kershaw  ~  “Diggy Liggy Lo”

14)  Steini  ~  “Behold”

15)  Matisyahu  ~  “So Hi So Lo”

16)  Ray Boltz  ~  “Behold”  (That permed mullet, though...)

17)  Yuridia  ~  “Lo Que Son Las Cosas”  (Title translation: “What Things Are.”)

18)  The Smashing Pumpkins  ~  “Behold! The Night Mare”

19)  Dirty Projectors  ~  “Swing Lo Magellan”

20)  Bella & Aerie Camp ft. Jeremy, Adrienne, & Egan Camp  ~  “Behold”

21)  Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer  ~  “Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo”  (It’s been FAR too long since I’ve seen a girl sing and dance with a puppet.)

22)  Taylor Leonhardt  ~  “Behold”

23)  Shannon Saunders  ~  “Lo-Fi”

24)  Nazca  ~  “Behold”

25)  Renée Fleming and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir  ~  “Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming”

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