Thursday, June 22, 2017

Songs About The Color "Beige"

In the past, both on this and my original blog, I've done more than my fair share of posts featuring songs with a particular color in their titles. And let's face it, the possibilities are endless. However...I'd never tackled the color "Beige" before now – and as it turns out that was a mistake! Because there're actually a lot of great "Beige" songs to be heard; I just wasn't paying attention. I am now. And you should, too. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  The Smashing Pumpkins  ~  “Being Beige”

2)  Geneviève Morissette  ~  “La Femme En Beige”  (I don't speak French, but I think this lady is singing – quite beautifully, I might add – about a woman in beige.)

3)  John Mellencamp  ~  “Beige To Beige”

4)  Kate Lee  ~  "Beige"

5)  Robert Earl Keen  ~  “Paint The Town Beige”

6)  Stephanie Ault  ~  “Where Everything Is Beige”

7)  The Good Routes  ~  "Beige"

8)  Rhode Island Red  ~  “Kerosene / Beige”

9)  Pheel  ~  “Pantalon Beige”

10)  The Lonesome Heroes  ~  "Dakota Beige"

11)  ÆGN  ~  “Beige Cartoon”

12)  Élodie Frégé  ~  “L’imperméable Beige”

13)  Klezmer Company Jazz Orchestra  ~  “Black, Brown, And Beige Suite”  (Composed by none other than the great Duke Ellington.)

14)  Anouk Asunder  ~  “Fennel And Beige”

15)  Nebula Forming  ~  “Sea Of Beige”

16)  Kill For Eden  ~  "Beige"

17)  The New Amsterdams  ~  “A Beacon In Beige”

18)  Toyface  ~  “Beige Walls”

19)  Yaya  ~  “Beige”

20)  Pistol Annies  ~  “Beige”


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