Friday, March 28, 2014

Songs By…With…Well, You Figure It Out!

The overall "theme" in this collection of songs is highly manufactured and rather absurd. The sole reason that this post exists is because there was a certain song I wanted to post and couldn't think of any other way to include it. Since this was basically a dumb excuse to group together a bunch of songs, I'm going to leave it to you, the reader/listener, to figure out what the "theme" is. There are actually two commonalities to all the songs in this group. If you think you've figured them out, comment and I'll let you know if you're right. Good luck!  ~  JH

1)  The Refreshments  ~  "Banditos"

2)  Run-D.M.C.  ~  "Beats To The Rhyme"  (Interesting factoid: This song contains the lyric: "As we wax the tracks all the DJ's play."  I hadn't even heard of this song when I came up with the name of this blog. Ironic, huh?)

3)  Roxette  ~  "The Big L"

4)  Red Hot Chili Peppers  ~  "Breaking The Girl"

5)  Rascal Flatts  ~  "Bless The Broken Road"

6)  RATT  ~  "Back For More"

7)  The Rolling Stones  ~  "Beast Of Burden"

8)  Redbone  ~  "Beautiful Illusion"

9)  The Righteous Brothers  ~  "Bring It On Home To Me"

10)  The Reverend Horton Heat  ~  "Big Sky" / "Baddest Of The Bad"

11)  Relient K  ~  "Be My Escape"

12)  Reel Big Fish  ~  "Brown Eyed Girl"  (Well, this is a fun, funky version of a classic song! Weird video, though.)

13)  The Ramones  ~  "Blitzkrieg Bop"

14)  Rammstein  ~  "Benzin"

15)  R.E.M.  ~  "Bang And Blame"

16)  Rage Against The Machine  ~  "Bulls On Parade"

17)  RED  ~  "Breathe Into Me"

"Secret" Songs

Not an "Opposites" music post. You're welcome. Just a bunch of songs with "Secret" in their titles. Some really good ones here. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  OneRepublic  ~  "Secrets"

2)  The Pierces  ~  "Secret"

3)  The All-American Rejects  ~  "Dirty Little Secret"

4)  Madonna  ~  "Secret"

5)  Bruce Springsteen  ~  "Secret Garden"

6)  Atlantic Starr  ~  "Secret Lovers"

7)  We The Kings  ~  "Secret Valentine"

8)  Indochine ft. Melissa auf der Maur  ~  "Le grand secret"  (I have no idea what these people are singing about – I just know it's beautiful!)

9)  Angels And Airwaves  ~  "Secret Crowds"

10)  Stevie Nicks  ~  "Secret Love"

11)  Leonard Cohen  ~  "In My Secret Life"

12)  Samantha Jade  ~  "Secret"

13)  David Hasselhoff  ~  "Secret Agent Man"  (Because, why not?)

14)  Electric Light Orchestra  ~  "Secret Messages"

15)  Karyn White  ~  "Secret Rendezvous"

16)  New Edition  ~  "My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?)"

17)  Ron Sexsmith  ~  "Secret Heart"

18)  Kylie Minogue  ~  "It's No Secret"

19)  The Fixx  ~  "Secret Separation"

20)  Heart  ~  "Secret"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oscar-Winning Original Songs

Here's a collection of songs from the past 20 years, each of which has won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. I'm not even going to front – the FROZEN song is in here, and that's pretty much why I put this post together in the first place. I haven't yet seen the movie, but everybody's talking about it and that song, and I try to stay as topical as possible in my blog posts, so…there ya go! Enjoy!  ~  JH

BLOGGER'S NOTE:  The artists listed here are not necessarily (and usually aren't) the actual Oscar-winning songwriters, but rather the performer(s) in each of the linked videos. The movie each song is from is noted in parentheses after the title, and the year of the movie's release follows is in parentheses after that.

1)  Elton John  ~  "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"  (The Lion King) (1994)

2)  Judy Kuhn  ~  "Colors Of The Wind"  (Pocahontas) (1995)

3)  Madonna  ~  "You Must Love Me"  (Evita) (1996)

4)  Céline Dion  ~  "My Heart Will Go On"  (Titanic) (1997)

5)  Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston  ~  "When You Believe"  (The Prince Of Egypt) (1998)

6)  Phil Collins  ~  "You'll Be In My Heart"  (Tarzan) (1999)

7)  Bob Dylan  ~  "Things Have Changed"  (Wonder Boys) (2000)

8)  John Goodman & Billy Crystal  ~  "If I Didn't Have You"  (Monsters, Inc.) (2001)

9)  Eminem  ~  "Lose Yourself"  (8 Mile) (2002)

10)  Annie Lennox  ~  "Into The West"  (The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King) (2003)

11)  Jorge Drexler  ~  "Al otro lado del río"  (The Motorcycle Diaries) (2004)

12)  Three 6 Mafia ft. Taraji P. Henson  ~  "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp"  (Hustle & Flow) (2005)

13)  Melissa Etheridge  ~  "I Need To Wake Up"  (An Inconvenient Truth) (2006)

14)  Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová  ~  "Falling Slowly"  (Once) (2007)

15)  Sukhvinder Singh, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Vijay Prakash, & Tanvi Shah  ~  "Jai Ho"  (Slumdog Millionaire) (2008)

16)  Jeff Bridges  ~  "The Weary Kind"  (Crazy Heart) (2009)

17)  Randy Newman  ~  "We Belong Together"  (Toy Story 3) (2010)

18)  Jason Segel, Peter Linz, Bill Barretta, & Jim Parsons  ~  "Man Or Muppet"  (The Muppets) (2011)

19)  Adele  ~  "Skyfall"  (Skyfall) (2012)

20)  Idina Menzel  ~  "Let It Go"  (Frozen) (2013)

"Night" Songs

Here's a bunch of good songs with "Night" in the titles; this is a follow-up to yesterday's post, "Day" Songs. Like that one, this post also includes only songs which have never before appeared on either this blog or my original blog, The Plural Of Hyena. Hope you enjoy them!  ~  JH

1)  fun.  ~  "Some Nights"  (Two things: Yes, this is the edited version, and yes, there is a lengthy delay at the beginning, but I promise the song is there.)

2)  Zedd ft. Hayley Williams  ~  "Stay The Night"

3)  Maroon 5  ~  "One More Night"

4)  Jennifer Lopez  ~  "Waiting For Tonight"

5)  Phil Collins  ~  "One More Night"

6)  Whitney Houston  ~  "Queen Of The Night"

7)  R.E.M.  ~  "Nightswimming"

8)  Lady Gaga  ~  "Marry The Night"

9)  Mat Kearney  ~  "Ships In The Night"

10)  Jessie Ware  ~  "Night Light"

11)  DeBarge  ~  "Rhythm Of The Night"

12)  Kina Grannis  ~  "The One You Say Goodnight To"

13)  Santana ft. Chad Kroeger  ~  "Into The Night"

14)  Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings  ~  "100 Days, 100 Nights"

15)  Bastille  ~  "Of The Night"

16)  Oh Land  ~  "White Nights"

17)  Rush  ~  "Fly By Night"

18)  Lady Antebellum  ~  "We Owned The Night"

19)  The Moody Blues  ~  "Nights In White Satin"

20)  Dido  ~  "End Of Night"

21)  Keane  ~  "Silenced By The Night"

22)  Caro Emerald  ~  "A Night Like This"

23)  Murray Head  ~  "One Night In Bangkok"

24)  Gloriana  ~  "(Kissed You) Good Night"

25)  The Phantom Of The Opera Cast  ~  "The Music Of The Night"