Friday, February 12, 2016

"Flesh" & "Blood" Songs

You may or may not have noticed, but this will be the third post in just over a week featuring songs with "Blood" and some other word (or words) in their titles. That's because when I research for songs that fit a certain "theme," I am very thorough in so doing. And there are a heckuva lot of good songs with the word "Blood" in their titles. Thus the "Blood" and "Guts" post, then the "Blood," "Sweat," and "Tears" post, and now these "Flesh" and "Blood" songs. There won't be any more "Blood" songs for awhile. So enjoy these while they last!  ~  JH

1)  Blondie  ~  “In The Flesh”

2)  Supergrass  ~  “Bad Blood”

3)  The Pierces  ~  “Flesh And Bone”

4)  Eels  ~  “Fresh Blood”

5)  Leon Patillo  ~  “Flesh Of My Flesh”

6)  Sum 41  ~  “Blood In My Eyes”  (WARNING: This music video is exceptionally violent. Parental discretion is strongly advised.)

7)  Dillon  ~  “Your Flesh Against Mine”

8)  Suzanne Vega  ~  “Blood Sings”

9)  The Killers  ~  “Flesh And Bone”

10)  Grimes  ~  “Flesh Without Blood / Life In The Vivid Dream”

11)  Radical Face  ~  “A Pound Of Flesh”

12)  Better Than Ezra  ~  “In The Blood”

13)  Santana  ~  “Spirits Dancing In The Flesh”

14)  Birdy  ~  “Young Blood”

15)  The Low Anthem  ~  “Smart Flesh”

16)  Bastille  ~  “Bad Blood”

17)  Wilson Phillips  ~  “Flesh And Blood”

18)  Bea Miller  ~  “Young Blood”

19)  Caitelen Schneeberger  ~  “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”

20)  Apocalyptica  ~  “Cold Blood”

21)  Calabrese  ~  “Flesh And Blood”

22)  All Sons & Daughters  ~  “Your Glory / Nothing But The Blood”

23)  Roesy  ~  “The Backbone, Flesh, And The Fruit”

24)  Saint Raymond  ~  “Young Blood”

25)  Johnny Cash  ~  “Flesh And Blood”

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