Friday, June 10, 2016

"Particular" Songs

For a refreshing change of pace, this post is a one-off – no series or miniseries this time around. To sweeten the pot even further, it’s a short post – only 12 songs. And…you’re welcome! Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Alanis Morissette  ~  “That Particular Time”

2)  Deadhorse  ~  “No Particular Night Or Morning”

3)  Oh Land  ~  “No Particular Order”

4)  Deborah Blando  ~  “Jeito Particular”  (I don’t understand a word she’s singing, but it sure sounds nice!)

5)  Jimmy Buffett  ~  “One Particular Harbour”

6)  Blonde Redhead  ~  “In Particular”

7)  Henrique & Juliano  ~  “Céu Particular”  (I don’t know what they’re singing about either, but I like it – so I guess it doesn’t really matter, right?)

8)  The Whigs  ~  “In Particular”

9)  Chuck Berry  ~  “No Particular Place To Go”

10)  Marisa Monte  ~  “Infinito Particular”  (Oh, look! Another song in a foreign language. Isn’t it lovely? I wonder what she’s singing about…)

11)  Shania Twain ft. Alison Krauss & Union Station  ~  “Ain’t No Particular Way”

12)  Miguel Bosé  ~  “Nada Particular”  (What a great song! Hopefully it’s not about something wretched. I wouldn’t know – I don’t understand the lyrics.)

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