Monday, June 27, 2016

"Should" & "Shouldn't" Songs, Vol. 1

Another "Opposites" post, apparently. One I actually haven't done before. Imagine that! Part 1 of 2 – a miniseries? Huge surprise there! Watch, now I'm going to say what I always say at the end...Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Jack White  ~  “I Guess I Should Go To Sleep”

2)  Fra Lippo Lippi  ~  “Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That”

3)  Nathaniel Rateliff  ~  “You Should’ve Seen The Other Guy”

4)  Mary Chapin Carpenter  ~  “Why Shouldn’t We”

5)  Depeche Mode  ~  “Should Be Higher”

6)  Wilco  ~  “Shouldn’t Be Ashamed”

7)  Taylor Swift  ~  “Should’ve Said No”

8)  The Tourist Company  ~  “Shouldn’t Believe”

9)  Andy Grammer  ~  “You Should Know Better”

10)  Ira Losco  ~  “Shouldn’t Have To Bother”

11)  Debbie Gibson  ~  “Should’ve Been The One”

12)  Toby Keith  ~  “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This”

13)  Kylie Minogue  ~  “I Should Be So Lucky”

14)  Plug In Stereo  ~  “Everything I Shouldn’t Say”

15)  Blondie  ~  “A Girl Should Know Better”

16)  Young Chinese Dogs  ~  “Shouldn’t Be Missing”

17)  Elton John & Leon Russell  ~  “I Should Have Sent Roses”

18)  Rosemary Clooney  ~  “Why Shouldn’t I?”

19)  The Marshall Tucker Band  ~  “I Should Have Never Started Loving You”

20)  All-Star Group  ~  “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”  (In case you’re curious, the All-Star Group’s lineup consists of All-4-One, Michael Bolton, Olivia Newton-John, Jordan Hill, Tamia, Stephen Stills, Chris Stills, Bobby Caldwell, Stephen Bishop, Richard Stites, Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, Laura Davis, Gregory Curtis, Owen Elliott, and Emmanuel Officer.)

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