Saturday, January 7, 2017

Songs About Good Things

And now for something a little less bleak than the last post. Songs About Good Things. Of course, the first song in the list says "Your Good Thing Is About To End." Go figure! Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Lou Rawls  ~  “Your Good Thing (Is About To End)”

2)  Sam Smith  ~  “Good Thing”

3)  KT Tunstall  ~  “Maybe It’s A Good Thing”

4)  Fine Young Cannibals  ~  “Good Thing”

5)  Keith Urban  ~  “Good Thing”

6)  Pixie Lott ft. Shaggy  ~  “A Real Good Thing”

7)  Dashboard Confessional  ~  “Ghost Of A Good Thing”

8)  George Benson  ~  “Never Give Up On A Good Thing”

9)  Lady Antebellum  ~  “When You Got A Good Thing”

10)  Reel Big Fish  ~  “Good Thing”

11)  The Rolling Stones  ~  “Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’)”

12)  Sheryl Crow  ~  “Love Is A Good Thing”

13)  The Afters  ~  “Every Good Thing”

14)  Alan Jackson  ~  “Too Much Of A Good Thing”

15)  Kylie Minogue  ~  “Too Much Of A Good Thing”

16)  B.B. King  ~  “Baby, You Done Lost Your Good Thing”

17)  Barbara Lynn  ~  “You’ll Lose A Good Thing”

18)  Bryan Duncan and the NehoSoul Band  ~  “Wheels Of A Good Thing”

19)  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts  ~  “The Only Good Thing You Ever Said Was Goodbye”

20)  Marc Broussard  ~  “Real Good Thing”

21)  Olivia Newton-John  ~  “Making A Good Thing Better”

22)  Jackson Browne  ~  “All Good Things”

23)  Gemma Hayes  ~  “Let A Good Thing Go”

24)  BoDeans  ~  “Good Things”

25)  Kathy Mattea  ~  “A Few Good Things Remain”

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